Category IV:
Die Errors:

1) Clashed Dies:

----Chatter clash

----Rotated clash

----Double clash with counterclash (Type 1)

----Misaligned die clashes

A) Horizontally misaligned die clash

B) Vertically misaligned (tilted) die clash

C) Pivoted die clash

2) Mule clash

3) Collar Clash:

----Reeded edge

4) Die damage with design transfer

---A) Floating die clash

---B) Counterclash Type 2

---C) Miscellaneous and unexplained types


Category IV: Die Errors: 1) Clashed Dies:

Clashed Dies

1969S WCLR-001 - Counterclash:

CONECA lists two type of Counterclashes (ErrorScope Vol 18, No 1, 2009, M. Diamond) Type 1 and Type 2.

Here illustrated is a Type 2 listed by Wexler as 1969S Lincoln reverse (involving EPU) WCLR-001. This particular Counterclash was showcased in Strike it Rich with Pocket Change (Allen & Potter). It comes from the LaPlante Collection.

You can see UNIM; IB and parts of UR (from PLURIBUS); and parts of the memorial roof. This was apparently created when a foreign object (probably a scrap of metal) entered the striking chamber and initially became lodged onto the die where some of the design transferred to the object. The object became dislodged and countersunk into the die transferring the design back to the die then fell away.

Below are overlays showing what appears to be what. The first colored overlay shows the orientation of the design transfer (not a clash) in blue, the coin in green, and the red area within shows the approximate size of the foreign object and what was countersunk. Below that is the countersunk areas in green overlayed onto a normal reverse followed by details.

Some of the marks under and around UN of UNUM and the memorial roof don't seem to be clash marks, they may be damage from the object striking the die or something else (lime-green arrows below). There is this weird doubling on the bottom of RIB (of PLURIBUS) which looks a little like Machine Doubling but I am thinking was caused by the original foreign object (blue-green arrows) striking the die. I have shown deep die scratches (purple arrows) WEST of EPU and a die break in the E that may or may not somehow be related (yellow arrow).


Images and text © Jason Cuvelier 2009: