Category IV:
Die Errors:

1) Clashed Dies:

----Chatter clash

----Rotated clash

----Double clash with counterclash (Type 1)

----Misaligned die clashes

A) Horizontally misaligned die clash

B) Vertically misaligned (tilted) die clash

C) Pivoted die clash

2) Mule clash

3) Collar Clash:

----Reeded edge

4) Die damage with design transfer

---A) Floating die clash

---B) Counterclash Type 2

---C) Miscellaneous and unexplained types


Category IV: Die Errors: 4) die damage with design transfer: B) Counterclash (Type 2)

Counterclash Type 2

1999 Canadian Quarter:

CONECA lists two type of Counterclashes (ErrorScope Vol 18, No 1, 2009, M. Diamond) Type 1 and Type 2.

Here illustrated is a Type 2 Counterclash on a Canadian quarter. Somewhat amusingly, something struck the die near the left side on the lower part of the child's face, had part of the design sunk in, then shifted and counterclashed leaving the an impression of the face inside the triangular body of the right most child.

Coin acquired from: Key Numismatic

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