Category IV:
Die Errors:

1) Clashed Dies:

----Chatter clash

----Rotated clash

----Double clash with counterclash (Type 1)

----Misaligned die clashes

A) Horizontally misaligned die clash

B) Vertically misaligned (tilted) die clash

C) Pivoted die clash

2) Mule clash

3) Collar Clash:

----Reeded edge

4) Die damage with design transfer

---A) Floating die clash

---B) Counterclash Type 2

---C) Miscellaneous and unexplained types


Category IV: Die Errors: 1) Clashed Dies: Type II Counterclash

Counterclash Type II

Illustrated below is a 1983 with a reverse CUD and type 2 counterclash.

The CCL is listed as CLO-001, CCL-T2-1c-1983-01 and FS-401 (035.3) in the Cherrypickers guide.
The CUD is listed as LC-83-46R

Below the counterclash (white arrows) can be seen as a doubled IBER SE of LIBERTY with a second clash of a doubled IBER above the date. Black arrows show the edge of the broken part of the die that was presumably involved in the counterclash. This is a highly coveted and prized coin with an extremely low population and listed in the PCGS variety registry.

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