Category IV:
Die Errors:

1) Clashed Dies:

----Chatter clash

----Rotated clash

----Double clash with counterclash (Type 1)

----Misaligned die clashes

A) Horizontally misaligned die clash

B) Vertically misaligned (tilted) die clash

C) Pivoted die clash

2) Mule clash

3) Collar Clash:

----Reeded edge

4) Die damage with design transfer

---A) Floating die clash

---B) Counterclash Type 2

---C) Miscellaneous and unexplained types


Category IV: Die Errors: 1) Clashed Dies: Double clash with Counterclash (Type 1)

Counterclash Type 1

During a Doubled Clash or Chatter Clash, if one or both of the die(s) shift after the initial clash or clashes and the dies clash again, a reciprocal Counterclash can form. What essentially happens is part of the design from one die face is transferred to the other face and then will be retransferred back to the original face. This rarely happens and was hypothesized before an example was found. (See Error Scope Nov/Dec. 2004, M. Diamond)


1989P 10C ZCL-001
(with Type 1 Counterclash)

See also: Counterclash Type 2 examples

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