Category IV:
Die Errors:

1) Clashed Dies:

----Chatter clash

----Rotated clash

----Double clash with counterclash (Type 1)

----Misaligned die clashes

A) Horizontally misaligned die clash

B) Vertically misaligned (tilted) die clash

C) Pivoted die clash

2) Mule clash

3) Collar Clash:

----Reeded edge

4) Die damage with design transfer

---A) Floating die clash

---B) Counterclash Type 2

---C) Miscellaneous and unexplained types


Category IV: Die Errors: 4) die damage with design transfer: B) Counterclash (Type 2)

Counterclash Type 2 (II)

A Type 2 Counterclash forms when either a scrap of metal or a piece of broken die sinks into one die face whereby part of the design is transferred to the metal, the metal then shifts position and then retransfers the deisn back to the die face in a new location. Very few have been identified.


1983P CLO-001 (CCL-T2-1c-1983-01)
1983P CLO-002 (CCL-T2-1c-1983-02)
1969S WCLR-001 (CCL-T2-1c-1969S-01)
1999 Canadian Quarter (CCL(T II)-CA25C-1999-01)

See also: Counterclash Type 1 examples

1983 CLO-001
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