1972 DDO-003 (3-O-I CW)
Lincoln cent
FS-103 (033.53)

Below are three examples, EDS (stage a), MDS (stage c) & LDS (stage f). There are multiple stages known encompassing many die markers (stages a-f). Die 003 is often confused with die 008. Die 003 is probably the most often found of all the 1972 DDOs. Doubling is found in the motto, LIBERTY and the date.

For a side by side comparison with die 008 click HERE

EDS/EMDS (stage a)

MDS (stage c) -------------------------- LDS (stage f)

Stage b markers (diagonal scratches through GOD) are clear, but there are now numerous scratches throughout the obverse. Notable are the scratches through the date. By stage f those same scratches are almost worn away.



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