1972 DDO-004 (4-O-I CCW)
Lincoln cent
FS-104 (033.54)

Below is a EDS Stage A example. Die 004 is often confused with die 007 or sometimes die 005, and for whatever reason, confused with common master die doubling (MDO). Die 004 has a CCW spread as does 002, 007 and 005. The key markers are the scratches through N of UNITED on the reverse. Stage B has rim CUDs near the date, but all known examples have the scratches through N. The reverse die has been paired with several other obverse dies, adding weight to the hypothesis that die 004s obverse was pulled early. Rare in all grades, commands significant premiums. Beware of slabbed 1972 die 004s that may actually be 007 or 005, scrutinize markers.

Coin courtesy: Peter Lukic




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