1972 DDOs
003 & 008

(FS-103 033.53 & FS-108 033.58)

Side by side

Both are class I with CW spreads. Die 008 is a little stronger. The area that seems to show the greatest difference between the two is the date, in particular the spread and notching in the 7 and the 2. Die 008 has a gouge above each T in TRUST. Die 003 is known in many stages. In EDS, there are fewer markers (black arrows) for 003, they include a diagonal scratch above the E in LIBERTY and two diagonal scratches going NE from the 1 in the date. By MDS, die 003 has many markers, the most notable being NW to SE scratches through GOD. By LDS die 008 shows no markers, just mushy doubling, whereas die 003 shows many varied scratches.






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