1985P 1C LL-001R


1985P 1C LL-001R:

Small approximately .005mm concentric circles emerging and fading from the middle of the coin and appear throughout the central memorial bays, lightly on the west stylobate, very lightly into the central stairs and even lighter on the roof. Many of lines can just be seen (at 30-60x) but were not reproducible when photographed. Lines are uniquely (at least for now) light in that they almost appear and disappear (visually almost appear blurry). Lines resemble die scratches and were probably partly polished down (others may be hidden by die wear). Lines also lightly appear near edge behind parts of CENT, though obscured by die wear. Hard to see the lines below 40X.


Many N-S die scratches behind date near portrait (see photos), small die gouge in inner fold of sleeve, gouge in field out in front of eye, many gouges below D WE and above head, and more gouges clustered around lapel and tie, obverse is MDS

Die crack extends from the rim to the base of the E, another crack connects CE and yet another connects EN of CENT, a larger crack emerges from the corner of N going north and just misses the memorial base, crack on column 4, very small crack on planter that runs up lower portion of column 3, crack lower left memorial to rim up to column 1 with possible die chipping,
Reverse is MDS (but shows more wear than obverse)

Coin courtesy:
Bob Piazza



All images copyright © Jason Cuvelier 2009-10