1988D 5C LL-001R


1988D 5C LL-001R:

Lines start roughly .5mm from the edge (about ½ way through the motto), and continue all the way around and up into the Monticello. The lines are approximately. 03mm compared to the width of the lines present on the Lincolns which are in the vicinity of .02mm

The lines appear concentric, evenly spaced and perfectly centered. Strange though that unlike the Lincolns (with Obverse Lathe Lines) studied the lines are present, to a degree, on the devices. The Jefferson was of course minted at a different location 8 years earlier. As of now it really seems plausible that the lines themselves were on the die as they show signs of die deterioration (in the form of die flow lines) along with the other design elements. It cannot be ruled out that the lines were placed onto the face of the die after being hubbed (but for what reason?) or engraved onto the coin itself early on, post mint and have worn down (but seems unlikely). Another, preferably BU, example of a different die state would confirm authenticity and maybe shed light as to whether these were lathed before or after being hubbed.

.The only reliable marker due to die wear is the location of the mintmark and the lines themselves

Coin courtesy: Michael Pope




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