1990 1C LL-010R


1990D 1C LL-010R:

Small approximately .005mm concentric circles emerging from the middle of the coin and appear throughout the design on both high and low points. Lines are strongest in the center of the coin and again near the edge of the outside devices (like 1996D-1C-LL-009R).

The lines inhabit small parts of just about all devices; they are strongest in the field on the south part of the coin (below the memorial) where under the correct lighting conditions they span the entire distance. The lines are not on outside devices themselves (USoA or ONE CENT) yet are all over the memorial. The lines were observed on the upper and lower part of the columns only, they have been present on the middle sections but with circulation wear they may have been rubbed smooth.

Two gouges NW of the eye near the brow; gouges in the upper hair below TR; die fatigue in IGWT. Obverse is LDS

Die crack from rim k11 that cuts across T and runs toward the NW corner of the lower memorial roof toward on to the very top of column one; a second crack on column four runs NW toward the lower roof’s edge and may join the first crack; faint crack on the upper loop of the D. Reverse is probably MDS

Coin courtesy:
Jon Walker



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