1996D 1C LL-007 (MDS)


1996D 1C LL-007:

Mid Die State

North (INGWT):
starts ½ way through N and ends at the bottom of TRUST

South-East (date):
end of the second 9 through the 6 and touching the MM

South-West (LIBERTY):
looks like just IB, but masked by die scratches through field

Slight misaligned die (MAD)
NW-SE die scratches behind Lincoln, under LIBERTY and IN GOD, and a few in front of the portrait
Die gouge in U of TRUST

Die crack that has turned into a break on column 2 (differs from LL-003) with a crack that leads into bay 1
Crack on lower part of column 3
Die scratches (NW-SE) in the lower portions of bays 7-11

Coin courtesy:
Michael Pope



All images copyright © Jason Cuvelier 2009-10