1996D 1C LL-007 (LDS)


1996D 1C LL-007:

Late Die State
North (INGWT):
not at edge through all of IN to all of TRUST (lines have faded)
South-East (date): At edge through the 6 near the 2nd 9 (lines have faded)

South-West (LIBERTY):
near edge ½ way through B

To gouges in front of forehead (other die dots nearby); gouge near rim east of 6; numerous small gouges/dots all over coat and lapel; small dots below T and one gouge above Y in LIBERTY; two die dots inside of ear (possible crack on lobe); gouge behind collar.

Die crack on column 2 and bay 1 has spread
Crack on columns 3 is much worse and spread all around the post
Mid to heavy, primarily N-S die scratches throughout the reverse; located behind the memorial, the motto and in the bays.

Coin courtesy:
Michael Pope



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