1996D 1C LL-009R


1996D 1C LL-009R:

Small approximately .005mm concentric circles emerging from the middle of the coin and appear in small areas throughout the design on the eastern half (right) of the coin; more specifically they are found inside on the upper and lower eastern edges of bays 6-11. Lines are present on the eastern stylobate and eastern memorial stairs. Lines appear lightly around the perimeter of the eastern motto (AMERICA, ONE CENT & FG). The lines are sharper, thinner and have a different character than the lines found on some 1996D Lincoln cent obverses. (Magnification insufficient to see die wear on lines – lines likely disappear on LDS coins.)

A few die gouges (or dots) on the lower bust (one in a fold near the lapel and a few clustered on the shoulder). Probably EMSD-MDS

The major markers are the specific character and location of the lines. A cluster of gouges east of the memorial, another cluster SW of the memorial corner. Probably EMDS-MDS

Coin courtesy:
Michael Pope



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