Machine Doubling:
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Below are more photos of Machine Doubling (MD):

This first example would probably throw an inexperienced roll searcher into a foaming DDR frenzy - at first glance, it has it all: doubling all over the motto, pseudo separation lines, and even on the memorial to boot! What is missing of course, is (again) extra thickness, split serifs (notching) and rounded doubling. What we have instead is flattened out areas that cut into the size of the normal devices.


It cannot be reiterated more, terms used on eBay to sell Machined Doubling, Die Deterioration Doubling and Other Forms of Doubling typically have no numismatic meaning - such as "double date," or when someone types in something that sounds like an the utterance from Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense..."I see doubling!"

MD & DDD happens on all years and denominations...including Lincoln Wheat reverses. Two examples follow:

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