Machine Doubling:

Below are photos of Machine Doubling (MD) Slide Type
(coin courtesy Mike Diamond of CONECA)

One can see the coin is misaligned NE and then the secondary movement (i.e. slide) went toward the SW. According to M. Diamond, " The die or die assembly was exceedingly unstable and oscillating. The obverse (hammer die) was actually well-centered when it contacted the planchet. It slid into its misaligned position as the downstroke was completed. This scraped clean the area between the filed and the original design rim." While editing the pictures I realized that the coin remains a perfect circle despite appearing otherwise. M. Diamond also stated, "After the downstroke was completed, but before the retraction began, the hammer die moved to the southwest. This last movement scraped through the die-struck design, distorting it horribly and piling up metal in a series of ridges."

Hopefully the photos demonstrated much of what has been stated in regard to the final sliding movement and the metal being piled up and the grotesqueness of poor Lincoln's face, the date, LIBERTY and much of IGWT.


Machine Doubling:
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Images and text © Jason Cuvelier 2009: