1946 IMM-001
inverted ball serif mintmark
Lincoln cent

Below is a 1946-S with an inverted S (San Francisco) mintmark. The style is a ball serif where the flat spot is normally found on the LOWER serif; the top serif is rounded. On the inverted example (IMM-001) the flat spot resides on the top serif. The mintmark punch appears to have been punched at an angle resulting in an incomplete punching of the S.

Illustrated below are what I figure to be a MDS to LMDS and a LDS. I have included shots of a NORMAL ball serif for comparison. In each case the arrows point toward the flat spot.

The ball serif is the least common mintmark found on the 1946-S Lincoln cent. If you have an earlier die state I would be thrilled to photograph it and add it below (email me).

A shot showing the entire date in relation to the mintmark:

Die markers: MDS to LMDS:
Remnants of old scratches above Y in LIBERTY

Die Markers: LDS:

A new set of scratches are through the Y in LIBERTY and some old scratches below GOD.

Whole coin shots of an LDS 1946-S IMM-001:



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